Money Manziel is Back

The creator of #ComebackSZN has officially committed to playing football in the Texas Spring League. The Spring League is a showcase for NFL level talent to show NFL scouts and teams what they can do. Manziel has gone through a whirlwind of a last couple years. He recently spoke to the guys of Pardon My Take about his depression and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He has also decided to go completely sober and says he has not had a single drop of alcohol since January 1st, 2017. The big takeaways I had from this interview were that Johnny has gotten his life on the right track and is ready to make a comeback. He has taken all the right steps in his life to get himself to this point and he’s ready to work his ass off for his goal.

Anyone with this amount of determination should be applauded. While you may not like Johnny Manziel right now, I think he’s going to do some great things in the coming years that may change people’s opinions on him. Manziel admitted he was a young kid that was entitled and wanted the world at his finger tips. The amount of fame he had at such a young age definitely did not help whatever problems he was going through at the time.

I’ve been riding with Manziel since his days at College Station when he was making defenses look silly every week. He was one of the most electrifying college QBs I had ever seen. His attitude and demeanor on the field was something to desire for anyone that has been in a competitive situation. Manziel was a competitor and I’m glad to see he’s moving everything in the right direction.

Good Luck to Johnny and everyone that has been supporting him throughout his life. Can only hope he continues to make good decisions and do what is best for himself.


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