KD and Dame shine in Portland

Kevin Durant went for 50 against Portland last night, while Damian Lillard dropped 44. This was an incredible game from start to finish. Lillard and Durant seemed to be going back and forth in this one, trying to one up each other the whole game. While KD came away the victor on the stat sheet, Lillard and the Blazers got the last laugh with another tally in the win column. The first quarter ended with the Warriors down 13, after being down 20 earlier in the game. They came storming back and made a game out of it, but ultimately fell short of winning as Portland closed out the game by making free throws and took the game 123-117.

Steph Curry had trouble finding his range and looked more frustrated than usual. I think the Warriors are getting bored with being good. Steve Kerr was letting the players coach when they played the Suns the other night. That’s absolutely ridiculous for an NBA team to do at any point during the season let alone right before the All-Star break. Not to mention, the Rockets are now the sole owners of first place in the Western Conference. This may be the year we see a NBA Finals match up that isn’t Warriors-Cavs. Neither have shown the same dominance that they have in the past this season and I think the spot of top 2 teams in the NBA will be shifted to the Rockets and Raptors at the end of the season.


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