Tim Lincecum Attempts a Comeback

Yes you read that correctly, the long-haired skater looking guy that was on the cover of 2K, that threw 95 mile per hour bbs is attempting a comeback after being out of the MLB for over a year. Lincecum put on a showcase today for 15-20 teams where he threw between 90-93 mph scouts said. Reports came out a couple months ago that Lincecum was working with DriveLine Baseball and was, “in the best shape of his life”. Timmy has appeared to found life on his fastball again and could be of service to several teams. Although he isn’t what he used to be back in his Cy Young days, many baseball fans will be overcome with nostalgia if he returns to the mound this season. Most Giants fans would love to see him back in the orange and black but baseball without Timmy is like a hotdog without a bun…just weird.


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