What is Going On With St Johns?

St. Johns basketball team previously lost 11 games in a row before winning 4 in a row including a 1 point nailbiter vs DePaul. Shamorie Ponds and Marvin Clark Jr. combined for 50 in the game tonight. The Red Storm have beat Duke, Villanova, Marquette and now DePaul. These are some impressive wins against some very talented teams. The most impressive coming against a Duke team ranked fourth in the nation and Villanova, ranked first in the nation at the time they lost to St. Johns.

There is a team like this every year, that gets hot and makes a run in the conference tournament to secure their spot in the national tournament. However, I don’t think St. Johns is that team this year. Yes, they have had incredible success over the past four games, but I don’t think they can carry this success into the conference tournament. Teams like Villanova and Xavier that are at the top of the conference will hit their postseason stride in the Big East tournament and put the lower caliber teams in the conference away with ease.

Shamorie Ponds has been must see TV lately. He’s poured in 31, 33, 26, 44 and 26 points in his last five games. He’s been extremely efficient from the free throw line in this stretch with his low point coming against Duke, when he shot 5-7 from the stripe. While everyone is focused on Trae Young and Mo Bamba, I’ll be watching Shamorie Ponds continue to light up the Big East as he and the Red Storm look to continue their streak and run the table going into the conference tournament.


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