Rough and Rowdy 2: The Vassacre

The Rough and Rowdy is a boxing league owned by Barstool Sports. Amateurs can sign up to fight and will be paired up with an opponent they request, or just someone in their weight class. There are 3, one minute rounds in each fight and there are about 40 fights scheduled for the evening. Last event featured two 400+ pound men fighting each other and a 6’9″ guy fighting a 5’9″ guy. I expect this Rough and Rowdy to be just as electric. There’s a pair of twin girls fighting as well as two guys fighting over a girl. This event is held in Morgantown, West Virginia and should be packed with fraternity bros, as West Virginia University is only a short distance away.

Barstool is one of my favorite websites and was part of the inspiration for this website. They make incredibly funny content and look at sports in a way that’s different from the mainstream media. The Rough and Rowdy is the furthest thing from mainstream that Barstool could do. Dave Portnoy (founder of Barstool) and Pat McAfee (former NFL punter, head of Barstool Heartland) will be commentating the fights all evening long. Both are hilarious and will provide laughs all evening long. Look for Pat to provide some electric intros for the boxers and just be a huge ball of energy throughout the whole event.

The Main Event

The main event of the evening will feature Adam Smith (Smitty) and Shaun Lathum (20 $ chef). Both sides have been training extremely hard and look like they are going to give everyone in attendance a great show. The fight holds a purse of $10,000.

Smitty was on top of the world after he got to celebrate his beloved Eagles winning the Super Bowl. He’s been training and doing two-a-days for the past couple months and looks to be in good shape coming into the fight. Hank Lockwood (producer of the Pardon My Take podcast) fought in the last Rough and Rowdy and came away victorious. After seeing Smitty spar, Hank was convinced he was going to win the fight. Smitty was doing 3, three minute rounds in preparation for the fight against the 20 dollar chef, while Hank only did 3, two minute rounds in preparation for his fight. Smitty has been an underdog his whole life and will enter this fight as one as well.

Shaun Lathum lives his life in an extremely hilarious manner. His comedic background follows him through the rest of his life and I thank him for providing me with more laughs than any other human has. The 20 dollar chef has been training non-stop since November training with MMA fighter Matt Mitrione as well as former MMA fighter Chris Lytle. Another guy that works out with the trio told Chris Lytle that Shaun throws a heavy punch and should be able to beat Smitty no problem. The chef has said he wants nothing more than to win this fight and be able to take a vacation after he wins. His footwork is impeccable and he’s been getting himself into better shape in preparation for the fight.


I think Shaun has better footwork and being able to spar with guys that have been in professional fights definitely gives him an edge. I respect Smitty and all that he does, but when it comes down to it, I think the 20 dollar chef is gonna knock him down early and often.


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