What really gets my goat

I’m going a different way on the traditional saying “grinds my gears.” This is probably going to be a recurring segment just because there are plenty of things that get my goat. For the first edition, I’ll touch on something that I encounter just about every day, people that are uncomfortable with silence.

Silence is okay, silence is encouraged in a setting that doesn’t require talking. The people that I get along with the most are the ones I talk to the least when we hang out. If you feel the need to talk every second that I’m with you, chances are I’m not going to want to hang out too often. I’m not anti talking to people, I love my friends and hearing about what’s going on in their lives. I’m just saying that sometimes silence is better than small talk. Most of small talk is something that neither person participating in the conversation actually care about. I choose to not talk and I am comfortable with being silent while in the presence of someone else because I know I’m not good at small talk.

Bottom line is, unless I’m just getting to know you, silence is key and should not make you uncomfortable. It’s okay to not have anything to say, just being around someone else is sometimes enough.


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