Why Pat McAfee deserves an XFL team

For those of you who do not know who Pat McAfee is, where have you been for the past year? McAfee is a former NFL punter for the Colts where he made being a punter cool. Pat decided that he was no longer in love with the game of football and retired from the NFL to pursue something he loves, comedy. So far, this decision has proven to be the right decision and has opened the door to many opportunities for him.

Barstool Sports was the only company to give McAfee a chance after his retirement. McAfee is now the boss at Barstool Heartland and has a hilarious podcast called “The Pat McAfee Show” which is also the name of his SiriusXM show from 10AM-1PM American Time (Eastern Time).

Reason #1

The number one reason and probably the only reason that anyone needs to hear for Pat McAfee to own an XFL team is simple, he’s a motivator of men. There are numerous times on his podcasts that Pat has delved into a sidebar motivational speech and I’ll tell you what, it gets me fired up every time. In order for a leader to be successful, he needs to be able to motivate. McAfee has the electric personality and motivational skills to make people want to play for him, which is extremely important in sports.

Reason #2

Knowledge of the game is important in any sport. Being around the game and playing the game for so long makes Pat McAfee one of the more knowledgeable people that I have heard talk about football. Obviously being an owner and a coach are two different positions that require two different sets of knowledge, but having an owner that can see potential talent and help a head coach prepare a gameplan would be a huge plus for any team, not just an XFL team.

Reason #3

The third and final reason is mutual respect. Pat McAfee has expressed his respect for other people’s accomplishments over and over again on his podcast and radio show. This is one of the most admirable traits in the world; being able to put aside your personal accomplishments and thoughts and be able to respect the accomplishment of others. I think Pat will see players working hard and giving it their all for his team and make sure that his players, coaches and whole staff know how much he appreciates them. This trait would earn McAfee respect, if he already does not have it, from players around the league and make them want to play for his team.

I have nothing but respect for Pat McAfee for following his dream and doing something he loves rather than chasing money in the NFL and I’m sure what he’s done has resonated with people everywhere and motivated them to chase their dreams as well.

Bottom line is, if Vince McMahon wants to have a successful relaunch of the XFL, Pat McAfee needs to be included.


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