Allonzo Trier Suspended, Again

It’s being reported that Allonzo Trier, star player of Arizona has been suspended for a positive test for a substance banned by the NCAA. This happened last season when Trier was suspended for the first 19 games after testing positive for a banned substance. Arizona is going to appeal the most recent suspension.

HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE????? He has to be taking the same thing or something similar to what he took last season when he got caught. Just don’t take any supplements and you won’t have any issues being able to play. Most of the motivation for taking a PED is to gain an edge. Trier already has an edge just based on talent and basketball IQ. He is a very talented player that has the potential to drop 30 on you any given night. Trier was having his best college season this year and looked like he would be a good addition for NBA team due to his offensive play.

This is another unfortunate event in his already tumultuous college career. His suspension will hurt Arizona more than his PEDs could have helped them.


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