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Nebraska Stole Memorial Stadium from Illinois

For those of you that do not know, the football stadiums of both University of Nebraska and University of Illinois are named Memorial Stadium. Both schools are in the Big Ten and both constructed their Memorial Stadium around the same time. I did not realize that the two stadiums opened up just 2 weeks apart. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you see the dates that they broke ground, it becomes a little more significant.

Memorial Stadium – Lincoln, Nebraska – broke ground 4/26/1923, opened: 10/20/1923

This Memorial Stadium was finished in less than 6 months.

Memorial Stadium – Champaign, Illinois – broke ground: 9/11/1922, opened: 11/3/1923

This Memorial Stadium took over a year to build.

This might just be my dumb brain at work here, but I’m gonna go ahead and say that Illinois announced they were building Memorial Stadium, Nebraska heard it, liked the idea and immediately started to draw up their own plans. Drawing up plans can take months, especially when you’re trying to beat someone else to the punch. Nebraska likely took their time and found out how to build the stadium they wanted in the most efficient way in order to open their stadium before Illinois could. They put the plan into action and opened their Memorial Stadium just 2 weeks before University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign opened their stadium of the same name.

This whole theory stems from my friend and Party Foul Sports writer @freekarl3 sending me a picture of the Memorial Stadium in Nebraska and saying it’s the original Memorial Stadium to throw a jab at me, a U of I student. I’m not the most clever so I was just going to say, “ours was built first” in an attempt to negate his comment and be funny. I wanted to look up some facts before I said that so he couldn’t make me look stupid twice by proving me wrong. Wikipedia lead me in the right direction to find the dates the stadiums were opened, but it also included the dates that each school began building them.

If you thought this story was stupid or pointless, I just hope it helped you in the  procrastination that you are surely taking part in while reading this.

Also we were 2-0 today on our locks of the day, so you should probably start sending those to everyone you know. Real big brains working on those picks and articles.


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