T’s and P’s to Jarvis Landry

I don’t know that I’ve felt worse for anyone in a long, long time. Jarvis Landry was traded yesterday, from Miami to Cleveland. That has to be the worst move in the history of moves; not necessarily for the Dolphins and Browns, both teams were trying to make themselves better and only time will tell, but Jarvis Landry has to hate this. Not only is he going to the worst team in the NFL, but he’s moving to one of the worst cities in America. This is not just a personal opinion, it is also a running theme all over the internet. Landry is definitely going to have a hard time adjusting to life in Cleveland. Basketball is the main focus and LeBron is the main guy in Cleveland. The only team in Cleveland that hasn’t been in the positive spotlight in the past couple of years is the Cleveland Browns. Landry has also been pretty outspoken throughout his career and as we saw with Isaiah Thomas earlier this year, Cleveland fans don’t necessarily like that.

Jarvis Landry is going to go from looking at a beach every day to potentially walking outside and seeing J.R. Smith without a shirt on. I don’t think you need to see a picture of each, but I’ll show you one anyway and you can decide which one you’d rather see everyday.

I think his production on the field will see an uptick this season just based on the fact he no longer has Jay Cutler throwing to him. He made the Pro Bowl the past three seasons and there’s no reason he should not see the same success in Cleveland. The Browns now have two Pro Bowl caliber receivers in Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry. Landry is one of the more talented young receivers in the league and will continue to have success in his career.


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