Champions League Wednesdays!

Hey Haters,


Guess who’s back, ready for another Champions League prediction. Thats right, it’s me. After a very hard, rough, and completely wrong prediction for the Manchester United vs Sevilla game, I have taken to the internet, for yet another Champions League Match.  On Wednesday, (2:45 PM US and 8:45 PM in Spain) Barcelona takes on Chelsea in the second leg of the round of 16 in the Champions League. Since this is the second leg, and Chelsea was at home for the first leg, the match with be played Camp Nou, in Barcelona. In my opinion, this is the best match-up in the whole round of 16. Both teams are filled with talent, and game changing players. Without further ado lets get into the match.


The match-up

What more can ask for with this match? Two great historic teams, A fortress of a venue that is Camp Nou, and some of the best players in the game today. Everyone in the world knows about the capability of Barcelona. After the first leg ended in a 1-1 tie with Chelsea, Barcelona went on to play 5 more matches leading up to the second leg against Chelsea, and let me just say it is just shy of spectacular. The past 5 games Barcelona has won 4, tied 1, only conceding a total of 2 goals out of the 5 games, and also scoring a total of 10 goals in the 5 games. I mean what more can you say about this team. They have one of the most impressive rosters in all of the Champions League, and even the world. Personally, if you have one the greatest players, or even the greatest player that has ever stepped on the pitch in Lionel Messi on your team, you must be pretty damn good.


Do not worry Chelsea fans I am not favoriting Barcelona over here, it is just hard to look over how impressive this squad is. But everyone was expecting a blow out the during the first leg a few weeks ago in London, not a 1-1 draw. Even though Chelsea took it to Barcelona during the first leg, creating great chances for goals throughout the whole game, the Chelsea squad knows they are in for a fight. Unlike Barcelona, Chelsea  has hit a rough patch since playing the first leg, losing 2 out of their 3 matches since February 20th.  With the cold streak coming right before one of the most important matches for Chelsea, manager Antonio Conte spoke to the press about the upcoming match saying “When you play against this type of team, one of the best teams in the word, you must prepare to suffer, It won’t be easy. But we have to try. We have to find the best solution to face this game.” Even though the odds are stacked against Chelsea, I know they will fight until the last whistle. That is the kind of squad Chelsea is.


Key Players


  1. Lionel Messi 
  2. Luis Suarez 
  3. Paulinho 



  1. Willian 
  2. Willian 
  3. Willian 
  4. Willian 

Honorable Mention

  1. Willian 
  2. Willian





This game is about gearing up to be great. Both teams ready to take on each other for 90 plus minutes to advance to the quarter finals in the Champions League. There is a lot of elements that stacked up against Chelsea: the away goal rule calls for Chelsea to at least score 1 goal to be able to win or tie the match, they will be going up against a world class squad ready to dominate and advance, and it also does not help Chelsea that they are going to play in front of 99,000 plus Barcelona fans at Camp Nou. With all these elements against Chelsea, the players know that they will have to play perfect to beat this Barcelona squad.  My main insider Niko “The Greek” was letting me know that Chelsea is going to get sacked by Barcelona because of all these elements. But I think Chelsea is going to give Barcelona a run for their money and play hard for all 90 plus minutes. In the end Barcelona will prove to be a little more than Chelsea can handle.


2-1 Barcelona


Remember haters, not everyone is perfect



The Don Has Spoken!










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