MLB Division Winner Predictions

This isn’t going to be an in depth analysis of each team, we have those posted for a couple AL divisions and we’ll have the rest finished here shortly as well as my own thoughts and opinions based on previous years and new acquisitions. All I’m going to do here is document my predictions so I have something to look back on and feel good about when I nail the playoff teams before the season even starts or laugh at myself when I completely screw these up. Go ahead and take these picks with a grain of salt, they’re based off of the good old eye test and my knowledge of my favorite sport in the world.

AL East Winner: Boston Red Sox

AL West Winner: Houston Astros

AL Central Winner: Cleveland Indians

AL Wild Card 1: New York Yankees

AL Wild Card 2: Los Angeles Angels

NL West Winner: Los Angeles Dodgers

NL East Winner: Washington Nationals

NL Central Winner: Chicago Cubs

NL Wild Card 1: Milwaukee Brewers

NL Wild Card 2: San Francisco Giants 



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