MLB Opening Day Bets

Personal opinions and my knowledge of baseball are used to make these selections as well as data gathered at The Action Network. I put one unit on each one of these games and parlayed them for half a unit. Following my lead would double your money on the day if everything goes the way we want it to. This is not a way to get rich, this is a way to have fun and if you want to start to watch a sport more or find out more about it, I recommend following along with the picks because you’ll want to watch more games and read more about things being reported about the teams. Follow, fade, doesn’t matter, just read it and have fun gambling responsibly.

Cubs (-195) vs Marlins

Lester against a really bad Marlins team on Opening Day, lock it up.

Phillies (-130) vs Braves

The Phillies are going to surprise a lot of teams this year and the Braves are going to have to get thumped by them over and over again starting at home on Opening Day.

Brewers (-125) vs Padres

Clayton Richard is starting for the Padres.

Astros (-170) vs Rangers

Verlander on the bump for one of the most talented teams in the league fresh off a World Series win facing their inferior in-state rival.

Yankees (-150) vs Blue Jays

I think the Yankees are going to put on a show North of the border and get their hopeful World Series season off to a start with a win.

Red Sox (-180) vs Rays

Chris Sale is on the bump.

-Via Action Network (SportsAction App)

As you can see by the table, betting favorites on Opening Day is very profitable. So this will probably be the year that the trend reverses because that’s just how things go, but for now, I’m going with the data and numbers above when making these picks. Teams on Opening Day that are favorites are also very profitable against teams that missed the playoffs the previous season. The record for favorites in this situation is 105-56. All of the favorites above are playing teams that did not make the playoffs last season.


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