Friday MLB Bets

Pittsburgh Pirates vs Detroit Tigers (+105)

This pick is from Karl (@freekarl3), but I also am taking it. Ivan Nova is starting for the Pirates and can either come out lights out or looking like absolute trash, I’m banking on him looking like trash. It’s early in the season so he’s not going to be at mid-season form. Plus this game is likely going to be cold and it’s definitely going to be an issue for both pitchers. I think Jordan Zimmerman has a little more experience and he’s trying to prove himself to his new manager.

Cubs (-220) vs Marlins

I will never bet against the Cubs. If I don’t like them in a certain game, I just won’t be the matchup. Hendricks is coming off of a fantastic Spring and as we saw yesterday, the Cubs have a high powered offense capable of busting a game wide open at any time. Schwarber hurt the Cubs in the outfield, but he’s just getting all of his errors out early in the season, good plan if you ask me. Marlins stink, Cubs should win easily.

Rockies vs Diamondbacks (-150)

I saw Robbie Ray pitch last week in Spring Training against a pretty good Angels lineup and while he was not 100% on, he did enough to impress me. He grunts very loudly every time he throws a pitch and I assume that has to distract the batters at least a little bit. The Rockies played a lost worse than I expected last night, but this should be a lower scoring game tonight. Diamondbacks have a better lineup at this point and should be able to get a W to start their season 2-0.


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