Sweetest MLB Swings (IMO)

One thing people that know me know about me is how much I appreciate the little things in sports. My favorite thing about basketball players is their court vision and my favorite thing about baseball players is a smooth, aesthetically pleasing swing. So here are some of the best swings in the MLB in my opinion.

These guys aren’t in any particular order, just who came to mind first.

Also I know I don’t have superstars on this list like Bryant, Harper, Stanton, Betts or Judge. They get enough screen time on ESPN and every other type of media that you can find for the MLB, so I’m picking some guys that you may not think of automatically when you think “smooth swing.”

Joey Gallo

While he strikes out a lot and is often either a home run or an out, Joey Gallo has an extremely smooth swing. I found this video of all of his 41 home runs from last season and I watched it all the way through 3 times before making this article. His swing is ridiculously smooth and the ball jumps off his bat like no other.

Brian Dozier

Dozier stays back on the ball very well and that coupled with bat speed makes him one of the leading home run hitting second basemen in the league.

Buster Posey

A good, wide base and his ability to throw his hands at the baseball allow him to be one of the best hitting catchers in the Majors. Posey has fast hands and keeps them inside the baseball instead of throwing the bat head at the ball and letting his hands follow.

Matt Wieters

I think he has one of the better swings in baseball and is severely underrated in that aspect. He’s been pretty consistent over the past few years and I attribute that beautiful swing above to his consistency.

Carlos Correa

Although his back foot his flying forward here, Correa is able to stand tall and put all his weight on his back leg in order to launch the ball out of the yard.

Kyle Schwarber

Probably some of the worst body mechanics of anyone in the MLB, not just at-bat, but also in the field. His hands are what I’m focusing on here. Schwarber gets ahead of the ball, but is able to keep his hands back and ready to go like a spring waiting to be released.

Adam Jones

Adam Jones has a similar swing to Bryce Harper. They both bunch up their bodies like a cobra waiting to strike and they unleash their power at the right moment. Also notice the bat head stays flat through the zone as opposed to dropping the head of the bat underneath the ball or rolling his wrist over and getting over the top of the ball.

David Peralta

This dude just hits bullets at all times and it’s a shame he’s not playing in a big market. That swing is as smooth as anyone’s in the league and I could watch it on replay over and over again. He keeps everything going towards the pitcher and even finishes with both toes pointed towards the pitcher. His hand speed and ability to keep his hands inside the ball make for a real aesthetically pleasing swing.

S/o to the guys and gals over at @PastimeAthletics for letting me use the videos.


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