Rationalizing Over and Under Reactions from the First Week of Baseball

Over reactions and under reactions from early season success/fails:

1) I’m not buying into the Mets just yet. They played the Phillies and Cardinals. The Cards offense is slumping right now. Although I do think the Mets will be better than I thought, I’m not buying into the 4-1 record yet. If they play well against the Nats, then that would be a statement.

2)The same goes for the White Sox. This team has proven me wrong so far on my pick of having the worst record in the AL so far but they have played the Blue Jays and Royals. I think Davidson’s succsss could be legit but the team is off to a hot start.

3)The Brewers and Diamondbacks are interesting. They seem to be off to great starts but too early to tell if they are legit contenders or pretenders. I do not have either team making the playoffs right now but again, hot starts.

4) On the opposite end, the Cubs have been struggling hard at the plate and Lester has gotten beat up. I think this is simply a case of the offense needing a spark plug early in the year. Watch for a big breakout game coming from the offense and for them to roll from there. Although it is interesting to note that Rizzo did get off to a slow start last season that lasted several months.

It is way too early to change my mind on any teams but these are just some early takeaways that I have noticed.


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