Tuesday MLB Bets

Blue Jays (-125) vs Orioles

The Blue Jays beat the Orioles best pitcher last night and are facing one of their worst pitchers tonight. I’m probably going to fade Andrew Cashner quite a bit this season. He’s lost an incredible amount of velocity since the start of his career and has been wildly inconsistent. The Jays are just hitting their offensive stride and their bats coupled with a strong start from Aaron Sanchez will allow them to win again tonight on the road.

Mets -0.5 (-135) First 5 Innings

I’m banking on deGrom being lights out against an underwhelming Marlins lineup. Caleb Smith has pitched well this season, but has not made it past the 6th inning. He also had the benefit of facing the Cubs and Phillies, both teams have lineups that under perform against mediocre pitching. I think the Mets should continue their hot streak and hopefully jump out to an early lead with deGrom on the mound.

Diamondbacks (-115) vs Giants

I was eyeing this game before Johnny Cueto got scratched from his start, but I really jumped all over it when it was announced Tyler Beede would be making his MLB debut tonight. This could go one of two ways. 1. Beede comes out and is lights out against a Diamondbacks lineup that has never seen him before or 2. The Diamondbacks take advantage of a pitcher making his MLB debut and welcome him to the big leagues with dinger after dinger. I never wish ill upon anyone, so I’ll settle for somewhere in the middle of those outcomes as long as Patrick Corbin shuts down the Giants defense. A nice 5-2 D-Backs win would make me feel real happy.


Pictured: Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom


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