Saturday NBA Prop Bets

Usually pretty good at these prop bets. Record for NBA and College basketball on prop bets is 6-1. I try to pickmy spots with these, but it’s the playoffs so I’m putting more out there. I’ll be breaking down prop bets game by game for today. Bets that are double starred (**) are a full unit and bets that are single starred (*) are half a unit. Let’s cook!

Spurs vs Warriors

Lamarcus Aldridge o26.5 points **

Aldridge averages 26.8 points in his career against Golden State. Without another superstar to help him out, I don’t know who else is going to score for the Spurs so I’m guessing Aldridge will do a bulk of the work down low. He’s also shooting 52% from the field against Golden State which is pretty impressive considering how good Golden State has been in recent years.

Wizards vs Raptors

Bradley Beal o23.5 points *

Beal averages 28.8 points against Toronto in his career and can really shoot the ball. John Wall looks to Beal a lot for open threes and Beal usually knocks them down. Toronto is always a toss up come playoff time and their guard play is usually the reason bettors are uncertain with them. I think Beal likes to try and take over games and take a lot of shots, so if he comes out on fire, this 23.5 should be a breeze. The over is also at +100, so it’s a good value play.

Heat vs Sixers

Ben Simmons o16 points *

A lot of people in the media and even other players in the NBA have given Ben Simmons criticism over the past couple weeks and I think it’s just fueling the fire for Simmons to really go off in the playoffs. This game is in front of Philly’s home crowd, which will give Simmons more energy to play off of. This is another situation where I’m counting on a star player to do most of the scoring on a team that doesn’t necessarily have starpower, especially with Embiid being out.

Wasn’t too thrilled with anything in the Pelicans and Blazers game, so that’s it for today.




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