Tuesday MLB Bets

Cardinals vs Cubs (-125)

We’re back on the Cubs after not touching their games for about a week. Wainwright has had some success against the Cubs in his career, but he’s a different pitcher this year and it has shown already early in the season. Anthony Rizzo will be back in the Cubs lineup for the game tonight and boy do they need some help offensively. Other than a 9 run 8th inning against the Braves on Saturday, the Cubs have struggled with consistency early on in the season. I think part of this is due to the fact that Joe Maddon keeps changing the lineup. It’s incredibly hard for any player to get into a groove if they don’t know when they’re going to start or come off the bench. Hopefully that huge comeback in Saturday’s game will add some fuel to the fire for the Cubs and they can get their bats going. Tyler Chatwood has kept up his impressive groundball rate this season, but has improved his walk rate which is not good for a team like the Cubs. Both of these pitchers have had early season struggles, but the weather will help out the Cubs a bit. The wind is blowing in, so if the Cardinals to get balls up into the air against the groundball happy Chatwood, the wind will knock the ball down and hopefully keep it in the park. The Cubs should be able to take advantage of the new Wainwright which is a shell of what the CY Young caliber Wainwright was.

Red Sox (+135) vs Angels

I’m not buying into the Ohtani hype just yet. I’m not hating on him, I’m just being real. He has really impressive stuff so far, but he hasn’t faced a lineup quite like the Red Sox. Ohtani has faced the A’s twice and while he did take a perfect game into the seventh inning in his last outing, the A’s are nowhere near the talent level of the Red Sox lineup. I don’t think Ohtani is going to get lit up against the Bo Sox, but I don’t think it’s reasonable to think just yet that he will come out and pitch like he did in his last outing. Now let’s get to David Price. Price is one of the better pitchers in the MLB and everyone likes to jump down his throat after one or two bad starts every year. He’s a bulldog and will do whatever it takes to win. Sometimes he doesn’t have his best stuff, but that happens to every pitcher in the MLB. Price has been lights out against the biggest threat in the Angels lineup and arguably the biggest threat in baseball, Mike Trout. In 21 at-bats against Price, Trout has racked up 10 strikeouts and only 3 hits. There’s not too many pitchers in the MLB that can say they’ve had that kind of success against the Angels superstar. Price has allowed just a .231 BA against this current Angels lineup and a majority of that came from Albert Pujols, a player that is not as effective as he once was and who may not even see the field in this game. I think this will be a pitchers duel and it’s a later game so this line will probably move a lot, but in my opinion, the Red Sox have more weapons to help them win the game in a pitcher’s duel than the Angels do. Plus the Red Sox have Joe Kelly on their side so I’m backing them tonight.

These are my two favorite teams and I really hate doing this, but I think they both have a good chance at winning their games tonight, so I’m putting my money where my heart is. Let’s have ourselves a Tuesday.


Pictured: Boston Red Sox Pitcher David Price


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