Tuesday NBA Bets

ATS Picks

Pelicans +6 vs Trail Blazers

The Pelicans have more talent and are harder to guard than the Trail Blazers. I think they can win this game outright like they did the first one. The absence of Moe Harkless hurt the Blazers in the first game and if he’s unable to go again, Anthony Davis and the other big men for the Pelicans will have another field day. The Pelicans are one of the few teams across the league that know how to feed their big men the ball and know that they have the most talented big man in all of basketball. Jrue Holiday had himself a game and will look to continue that success if Dame and Shabazz are going to be guarding him. Pelicans should be able to grab another one on the road and if not, it’ll be a game they can keep within 6 points.

Bucks + 2.5 at Celtics (@freekarl3)

The Kyrie-less Celtics came out and played a near perfect game 1 to barely survive in overtime. Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Al Horford, Marcus Morris, and Terry Rozier all scored 19 or more points in this game, and even held it together on the defensive end for majority of the game. On the other side, the Bucks only got offensive contributions from Kris Middleton and Giannis Antetokounmpo, who combined for 66 of the 107 points that the Bucks scored. I thought it would be the Bucks role players to step up and take game one, but they clearly didn’t show up. Don’t expect it to happen again. I believe that the Bucks will make the proper adjustments and take this one on the road. The Bucks know they can’t afford all the early turnovers again, which is why I’m expecting Giannis to come out and control this game from the start.

Prop Bets

John Wall o1.5 3PT FG

CJ Miles u10.5 PTS

Giannis Antetokounmpo u7 FT

Jabari Parker o15.5 PTS+RBS

Al Horford o4.5 ASTS

Jrue Holiday o31.5 PTS+RBS+ASTS



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