MLB Bets, Berrios No-Hitter

Indians vs Twins (+105) *2 Units*

The fact that the twins are not favorites with Jose Berrios on the mound in Puerto Rico is a big, big, big mistake. The Puerto Rican born players on the Indians showed out last night in front of their home crowd and were able to electrify an entire stadium. They had their chance at glory and now it’s time for Berrios to shine. This kid could beat any team on any day, but this start is going to be especially special for him because it’s in front of his home country. The baseball gods wanted this to happen. They cancelled the Twins games with snow and Berrios would have pitched on Sunday if they games were not cancelled. I believe everything is falling into place for Berrios to pitch his best game of his career. I’m gonna go ahead and predict a no-hitter from Berrios. I know it’s wild for me to say that, but this kid has passion and the way his face lit up when he was talking about Puerto Rico and baseball during his in-game interview yesterday really motivated me to place this bet. Other than the baseball gods setting this up perfectly, I think the Twins bats are due to put some runs on the board. They hadn’t played in a couple days before last nights game, but I’m confident they got the rust off and will be ready to back a Berrios no hitter tonight. Berrios reminds me a lot of Jose Fernandez. They both have an incredible love for the game of baseball and want to put on a show every time they play the game.

Red Sox (+100) vs Angels

I don’t have much to say about this one other than the Red Sox bats are ridiculously hot and JD Martinez hasn’t really even started to hit yet. This is a scary Red Sox team and I think Rick Porcello has found himself early on in the season after a disappointing CY Young follow up season. Tyler Skaggs has pitched well this season, but so did Ohtani before yesterday’s game and the Red Sox got to him early. This is another ridiculous line to me as its pretty obvious the Red Sox are the better team. I get the Angels got out to a hot start, but they didn’t play the greatest competition and the Red Sox are the cream of the crop as of now. The Red Sox offense should be enough to win them this game, but Porcello could give them a solid 6 or 7 innings.

Let’s have ourselves a Wednesday


Pictured: Minnesota Twins Pitcher Jose Berrios



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