Tuesday Full Board

I put the poll up on Twitter and the people have spoken. I’m putting out a play for every game on the board across all major sports for today (NBA & MLB). You can take some, take all, or take none, up to you. I’ll be putting a little money here and there on every pick and I’ll star (*) the ones I really believe in for the day. As always check your jurisdiction for legal gambling laws before placing a wager. Let’s cook.

MLB Plays

Twins +120 vs Yankees *

Braves -130 vs Reds

Diamondbacks -115 vs Phillies

Mets +145 vs Cardinals *

Padres vs Rockies -1.5 (+120)

Marlins vs Dodgers -1.5 (-130)

Nationals vs Giants o8 (-110)

Mariners vs White Sox +125

Rays vs Orioles o8.5 (-115)

Red Sox vs Blue Jays o8.5 (+100) *

A’s -1.5 (+140) vs Rangers

Angels vs Astros u8 (-110)

Cubs vs Indians o9 (-110) *

Pirates -1.5 (+120) vs Tigers

Brewers -150 vs Royals


Bucks vs Celtics o203.5 *

Heat vs 76ers -10 (-110)

Spurs vs Warriors o205.5






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