Champions League Wednesday

Hey fans,

We got a good one in store today, for all you sports fans out there. Two Titans clash in battle today, as German powerhouse Bayern Muchen takes on returning Champions Real Madrid in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinal. With all of the talent that is being played in today’s game, it is so very hard to pick a favorite. Both of these teams are so talented that they could literally be a finals match against each other, (given that they were on opposite sides of the bracket), but they are not so here we are in the semifinals.

Now sit back, relax, and savor this pre-match report while waiting for the 1:45PM start time.


If you don’t believe the hype about this game you better start soon because this match has the potential to shut down all of Europe, close the stock market, and maybe even bring the Earth to a complete standstill. I mean what more can I even say about this game other than 12-time Champions League winner Real Madrid, steps in front of 75,000 screaming Germans to take on Bayern Munchen at the beautiful Allianz Arena. If that doesn’t get you hyped up, then you might need to see a doctor.


Bayern comes into this game after defeating a surprising Sevilla squad in the quarter-finals about two weeks ago. After defeating Sevilla, Bayern was able to rest their star players and other top subs in preparation for this match with Real Madrid, because they already clinched the Bundesliga title and the German Cup. With the Bundesliga title and German Cup already under their belts, head coach Jupp Heynckes looks to take down the team that sacked him years ago after bringing them a Champions League title in 1998. Even though the numbers are stacking against Bayern, the players are staying optimistic. Top forward Thomas Muller came out to the press saying “They lost the second leg against Juventus 3-1, and that means that they are also vulnerable. We’ll go into this match with a lot of confidence. It’s a Champions League semifinal. If you play with fear, you stand no chance”.


Even though Real is such a fantastic team, they do have their downfalls in some aspects of their game. But even though they have some flaws, you cannot take this team lightly, after all they did win the last three Champions League titles. This Real team will start fast and finish fast as we saw during the first leg of the quarterfinals against Juventus. On the other hand, this Real team could also crumble against a team that does not back down from their challenge, and decides to push against them, just like in the second leg of the quarter finals against Juventus.

In the end this game has my brain in shambles. I absolutely have no idea who will come out on top during this first leg match. Coming into this Real Madrid are the favorites, but how can they not be? They’ve only won the past three Champions League title. Plus they have the best player to have ever play in the Champions League Cristiano Ronaldo. Bayern also has some of the best players in the world that can match up against the star power that Real brings to the table. After that last whistle blows, and the extra time runs out after the 90th minute one team will be victorious, and that one team will be Real Madrid. Real will come out guns blazing against Bayern, and since they have had a lot of success on the road this season will prove to be a little too much for Bayern to handle for this first leg. Who knows, maybe I will be totally wrong with this. I hope I am. I love myself a great upset.

2-1 Real Madrid





Photo Creds: Sky Sports, and Reuters


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