Stop the MJ and LeBron Debates

I’m so sick of this debate that’s been going on for years and years. No one is ever going to agree on it and people are going to pull different stats out of their asses every time they talk about it. It really doesn’t matter. Neither guy is going to fade out of anyone’s memory any time soon, they’re both great. These are two different types of players that play different positions and have different circumstances of their careers. Jordan was the best player during his generation and LeBron is the best player of this generation. Pretty simple end to the discussion right there.

It doesn’t just apply to LeBron and Jordan though, its any athletes across any sports. You can’t compare generational talents, plain and simple. It doesn’t make sense to compare players from different eras because the games they play are always changing and evolving. That’s what sport is supposed to do, much like society, change and evolve. The game itself changes year by year and the athletes participating in the sports are getting bigger, faster and stronger.

I don’t think there’s an athlete I dislike more than LeBron, so I’d really appreciate it if every television network and journalist (ESPN, Collin Cowherd) that just looks to fill air time with this debate would read this and realize I’m right and stop mentioning these two in the same sentence because it really DOESN’T MATTER. Talk about something that’s modern and actually matters and come up with some new material. Shohei Ohtani doesn’t count as new material either, I’ve heard enough about him already and the season isn’t even halfway over.


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