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Shohei Ohtani Backs Out of Start at Yankee Stadium – Hubbs

I’ve been saying this from the beginning, I’m sick of all the Ohtani hype and praise. Hubbs didn’t want to rant about it, but I’m going to. This guy is a complete coward and doesn’t want to face the music and bright lights of Yankee Stadium. He 100% chose to not start this game because he knew he was going to get booed and probably absolutely lit up by the Yankee lineup. Pretty bad move by a guy that complained about American baseball players not being good enough, and then when he’s scheduled to face the most potent lineup in the league he backs down.

The rest of you can continue to praise this guy, but until he shows me something against the top teams in the league I’ll continue to bash him. He’s had two starts against elite lineups, Houston and Boston and got run out of the game early in both of those, lasting just 2 innings against Boston (claims he had a blister) and 5.1 innings against Houston after allowing 4 runs on 7 hits. This is a typical case of someone that’s been handed everything and as soon as something gets tough they want no part of it.

There’s no reason he can’t pitch on Sunday. The rest of his starts have come a week apart from each other just like this one is going to, so man up and pitch. I hope when he does eventually face the Yankees they bash the ball all over the place against Ohtani. That’ll be the only game I won’t cringe when Gleyber Torres hits a home run.

Which by the way I don’t know how anyone can say that was a good trade for the Cubs to make. You can say Chapman got the Cubs to the World Series, but there had to have been a different package of players to send to the Yankees for Chapman.


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