The World Cup Is Finally Here

Hey everyone!

Big Barks is back, and better than ever! Sorry for the little break there, school was coming to a close with finals week, and then I started my summer job at home, so time was very short for me. So enough with the BS, it’s time to get back to business. Tomorrow starts the most popular sporting event in the world The World Cup. So sports fan you better buckle up your seat belts because we are going to be in for a wild ride, full of happiness, heartbreak, passion, and in the end glory.

The World Cup is the Holy Grail of sporting events. This is the event where whole entire countries shut down just to watch their teams play, and hopefully win. All the top performers go back to their homeland, creating an all-star squad to take on other country’s squads in a 90 minute war. To these players the World Cup is everything. Since these players are already heroes to their fans, brining the World Cup Trophy back to their country would make them immortal. With over a billion people, from all over the world  watching this event that only happens every 4 years the pressure is on the athletes. The thing is, even with a few in the World Cup a whole entire Country can be brought to their feet because it shows that their team was far more dominate than a whole different countries team. Which leads to a whole lot of bragging rights for 4 years. For some players brining home a World Cup victory can also bring home the title of the best soccer player to ever play the game, this being Lionel Messi. Messi has achieved almost every award their is for professor footballers, except a World Cup trophy. By falling just short in the 2010 World Cup against Germany, the world knows that Messi is going to be out for blood, since he announced that it is going to be his last World Cup appearance. All in all the World Cup will bring a lot of heartbreak to some, but also eternal glory to others. The best part is ONLY ONE TEAM WILL WIN. One country will be celebrating this amazing achievement, while the rest of the world watches them celebrate. Here are my picks for the 2018 World Cup.


My favorite: England

It might be a shock to you all but I love this England team. Even though they are known for their poor performances in the World Cup, I am a firm believer in this team. With great players like Dele Ali, Danny Rose, Marcus Rashford, Jordan Pickford, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Jesse Lingard, and the amazing Harry Kane England has what it takes. I know I missed some great players on the squad but these guys are my favorites. With great team play, and great performances by each of them England can celebrate a World Cup win. Which they have waited so long for.


My bust: France 

Everyone is going to give me hell for this one I already know it. Even with the miraculous they have I still think France is going to go back to their old ways and under preform in international play. Hey don’t get me wrong, I could be completely in over my head with this one, I have been before in pervious articles. But I am a firm believer in my picks and will stand by them no matter what.


My sleeper: Iceland 

To be honest I do not know much about Iceland, and so do most of the world. But one thing I do know is that they never quit no matter the opposition, and I can back that up with their historic run in the 2016 Euros beating England and tying Portugal. Iceland is the smallest country to even qualify for the World Cup, but don’t count them out because of that.



For the people who have known me my whole entire life you maybe surprised to why I write a lot of articles on soccer (football), since I have no history with the game. Well, to be honest I fell in love with this game right after I spent two months traveling around Europe watching and writing articles on the top soccer teams in the world. During these two months I engulfed the culture, and the passion that these fans have all around the world for their respected clubs and I ultimately fell in love with it. So for the people that turn themselves away from this game I tell you, give it a chance. You might fall in love with the game of soccer (football) just as quickly as I did.



Big Barks



Photo creds: AFP, English national team, FIFA, and CoventryLive.


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